First PEN - 01

Most of my digital photography gear has been Canon. I dipped a toe in the water back in late 2000, when I impulse-bought a Digital Ixus at Heathrow Airport on the way to a holiday in South Africa. I became enthused by the ease and power of the digital darkroom; so my next purchase was the Canon D30 — probably the first affordable DSLR — only 3.1 mp, but a beautiful creamy texture to the low ISO images. Since then I’ve owned and enjoyed quite a few more Canon cameras: the 10D, 1D Mk II, 5D and 1Ds Mk III. Digital cameras are like PCs: there’s always some new coming along to tempt the gadget freak. In 2009 we joined a trip with extended family and friends to the Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) in China, which I knew would mean some very hard walking and I didn’t fancy carrying the weight of a 1Ds plus assorted lenses. So I looked around for options. As it turned out Olympus had just released the first digital PEN E-P1. It was making quite a splash. I got one and a couple of extra lenses; the whole lot combined didn’t weigh as much as the 1Ds Mk III body alone (with a battery). I was very happy with the pictures from that trip: image quality was perfectly acceptable (most of the time) for my needs.

I was into Micro Four-Thirds! When the Olympus OM-D E-M5 appeared last year, it was the logical upgrade from the PEN to continue the weight reduction theme. Having retired at the beginning of this year, I decided to consign my collection of Canon gear to eBay and used some of the proceeds to fill in some holes in my collection. One of those holes needed to be a second camera (given all my Canon gear was going). After much deliberation, I decided on a second E-M5, but without the additional grip.




11 June 2013